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The Residential Treatment Program is designed to provide a family style environment with peer support. Residents are responsible for cleaning, shopping, and meal preparation. Menus are set by the group, and the evening meal is shared communally.


The program focuses on assisting clients in attaining or maintaining abstinence, establishing a quality program of recovery, integrating treatment for co-occurring disorders, making healthy connections to the community, and achieving economic self-sufficiency.

These goals are achieved in three distinct phases. Specific tasks must be completed in each phase, before graduating to the next phase – and ultimately, to ‘graduation’ from the program.

The objective is to achieve the knowledge, skills, and support needed to successfully re-enter the life of the community with a sober and fulfilling life.

The average resident stays four to six months.  


Formally known as Mac's Place / Mary's Place

Is a men’s and women's level 3.1 substance treatment program, meaning it meets criteria for a ‘low intensity’ residential program. The program is open to all Alaskan men and women aged 18 and older, who have a primary diagnosis of substance abuse or dependence. Participants must be willing to engage in a substance-free, low intensity treatment program. There are six beds for men and six beds for women.

If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms related to mental health or substance use, please allow Sitka Counseling to assist in your wellness.

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