Veterans Health Access Program

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Many veterans live with ongoing emotional and physical concerns including  trouble sleeping, chronic pain, the aftermath of trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD and acquired traumatic brain injuries and other life stresses because of lack of services in their communities.


The statewide confidential briofeedback 8 week training and on going counseling services are now available to ALL Alaska urban and rural active military, veterans and their families.

This is a new ways to get services in your own community, by an experienced counselor in another community, eliminating travel and other weather-related delays in care.

The Alaskan military service members eligible for these services include active members & veterans of all branches of service & National Guard members that have had at least one deployment. There will be free biofeedback devices provided by Sitka Counseling for the first 100 individual who are veterans, National Guard or their family members who enroll after July 1, 2018. Active military members costs fro biofeedback devices can be covered by VA healthcare system if enrolled or eligible for enrollment. The services will be confidential & delivered by trauma-informed counselors who are certified in biofeedback.


The biofeedback 8 weeks of counseling sessions, or on going counseling, can be covered by 3rd party insurance including private payers, Medicaid, Medicare or our sliding fee scale.

  • Brief 6-8 week biofeedback-assisted counseling to develop skills to manage pain, anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping related to PTSD and other emotional trauma and keep the FREE BIOFEEDBACK UNIT. LEARN MORE

  • Or talk to a caring, confidential counselor and learn skills to make daily life easier to manage.  The ongoing counseling will vary in length of time according to your needs. We provide counseling by using evidenced based practices; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Biofeedback, EMDR and other trauma focused therapy.

  • Here is a helpful LINK describing PTSD treatment, and a decision aid to help you decide what type of treatment is best for you. 

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